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Jehangir Hospital Diabetic Centre

As its maiden health project, Ishanya Foundation took up the task of supporting a Diabetic Centre at the Jehangir Hospital in Pune. The Ishanya Foundation’s Diabetic Centre focuses on providing preventive, curative and research-based services.

Diabetes has become a major threat in India, particularly because it is a slow killer and a trigger for various complications like heart disease, blindness and kidney failure.  The Diabetic Centre at the Jehangir Hospital takes care of the needs of diabetes patients in a holistic manner, with counselors, dieticians, etc. and provides the latest hi-tech equipment necessary for the comprehensive management of the disease.

Currently located close to the OPD department of the Jehangir Hospital, the Diabetic Centre receives the support and back-up of the entire range of services available at the Hospital. Patients registered at the Hospital also become members of a Diabetic Club and are given an identity card with necessary medical details to help track progress.

The Centre plans an out-reach programme to cover rural areas, besides Pune city and the corporate houses in the city. This out-reach programme involves camps and other means to trigger awareness and explain key issues about the disease, and provide diabetes testing. The Centre also focuses on providing care for needy patients, with a social services counselor in place.

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